It is time to upgrade the forum powered by phpBB.
New maintenance version 3.0.11 released.
I have a small forum just upgraded from 3.0.10 to 3.0.11. It is easy to use Automatic Update Package.
There are tons of bugs and improvements made on phpBB 3.0.11.
And one new feature:
[PHPBB3-10616] – Add template inheritance by default
When I login as administrator into ACP, there is one warning shown as below:
The version of PHP on this server will no longer be supported by future versions of phpBB.
Click the details and find the answer.
phpBB 3.1 “Ascraeus” to require PHP 5.3.2

I checked the php version on server. It is PHP Version 5.2.17, which is provided by Dreamhost.
So, remember before upgrade to phpBB 3.1, make sure the php version is higher than 5.3.2.

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