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phpBB 3.0.11 released

It is time to upgrade the forum powered by phpBB. New maintenance version 3.0.11 released. I have a small forum just upgraded from 3.0.10 to 3.0.11. It is easy to use Automatic Update Package. There are tons of bugs and improvements made on phpBB 3.0.11. And one new feature: [PHPBB3-10616] – Add template inheritance by

Custom PHP.INI on Dreamhost PS

To use custom PHP.ini on DreamhostPS or Dreamhost VPS, I did a lot of research. Actually search, or Google. When I working on the Dreamhost Virtual hosting, I get the answer from Wiki of Dreamhost. But there are not enough information of PS on it. The best answer from Google is here, from Dreamhost Scripts

Upgrade phpBB by Automatic update package

I have a phpBB board with some modification. To upgrade it from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 is not that difficult. Previously, I have to record all modification I made on it and backup everything and upgrade it through a patched package or changes package. After upgrade I have to do all modification again, because they are