Just noticed that WordPress 3.2 released few days ago.
There are some new features and improvement on UI and others. The most important parts I like are the big changes of it.
1) No more IE6.
Actually, there is no IE 6 on any PCs in house. Even IE 7.
WordPress said IE6 is a insecure browser. I second.
2) Admin UI changes.
The backend is changed. Some one like it, but others may dislike it. For me, I feel it is more clear and YES, I like it.
3) Incremental upgrades method.
When upgrade available, it will not download whole package, but just the incremental package. Save time. Faster.
4)New Theme – TwentyEleven
The image is wider, give more powerful eyeball impact.

5) PHP 5 and MySQL 5
It is new requirement for WordPress 3.2.
After half hour work, I upgraded 5 blogs powered by WordPress.

David Yin

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