Can you imaging this server, which hosts about 5 sites, has only 512 MB?
I add one piece of memory in it. 512MB memory with Samsung chips.
I bought a Azenram 512MB PC3200 184-Pin DDR Memory last week. It cost me 79.99 – 10 instant rebate and 30.00 mail-in rebate. Sounds good.
The answer is no. I can not make it work together with existing 512MB memory, which is Samsung brand.
I have to return it at FutureShop.
Then go to a small computer parts store in Crystal Mall. This time I am looking for the same brand or same chips memory. They have some.

Finally I choose this one at EXPC, $59.99 plus tax.
I installed it and it works well. Now this server has 1024MB memory. I fell the speed, respond time, increased about 50%. It is my personal feeling.

If you feel this site is responded quicker than before, leave your message in comment, please.
For memory, the more the better.

David Yin

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