As we know, Google has a new data center call Big Daddy.
The only information we have is that it is in the Dulles, Ore..
I searched the web. Nothing found. Oh, I got it.
New York Times has an article about Google’s new site, although it wrongly defines as “Googleplex”.
This data center will be two to three football fields in size and will include four big cooling towers. The 30-acre site is at the intersection of cheap power, cheap cooling and volumes of Internet access.
Whild little is known about the full size of Google’s data center, best estimates put the number of custom-built, Linux systems at around a half milliion and growing. The cost of it is about billions of dollars.

Google is building two computing centers, top and left, each the size of a football field, in The Dalles, Ore.
Someone said, ” Knowledge is power.” I have to say, Knowledge needs power.

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