Let me introduce this VOIP adapter, which cost me CND88.75 including TAX.
I bought it from Voxilla. Its store is located in downtown Vancouver. I pick up it there.

It is so compact. When I first look at it, I think it may be cost me too much.
After using to make some phone call to USA and China, I feel it worth.
This unit features 2 phone ports for connecting standard telephones. This unit is superior to the Cisco ATA 186 in that the two ports are independently programmable for different SIP Proxies. A user may have one service on line 1 and another service on line 2.

The sound quality on all Sipuras I believe to be excellent. In fact I have found that at times, I can use g729 and not tell too much difference from g711. The units are fairly durable unlike some I have seen that reek of cheap Chinese plastic (Grandstream).
One other downfall that I have seen is that the units can not support two calls at codecs other than g711 at the same time. In other words, if there are two calls, one on each port, at least one MUST use g711. It would seem that this would be a fundamental feature on a two port device, where bandwidth comsumption becomes even more important.
Later, I will write something to describe how to connect and how to config it to make free call to USA and China.

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