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Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor

I bought a Xiaomi Mijia Bluetooth Temperature Humidity Sensor at Tmall.com. The price is RMB 67.90, converting to CAD$13.56. No tax added. It has a LCD screen. Powered by one AAA battery. Let’s look at the specification. Product model: LYWSDCGQ/01ZM CMIIT ID: 2017DP4004 The product body weight: 36 g The base weight: 7 g The screen

Mi Piston Air Earphone

I received my new earphone when my neighbour came back from Mainland China. I bought Mi Piston Air Earphone online. Shipping address is his address in Beijing. It is in a very small box. Here is the look of the package box. Type: In-ear Speaker Impedance: 32 ohm Weight: 14g Cable length: 1.25m Jack Type:

Mi Power Bank 10400mAH

I have a Mi Power Bank 10400mAH. I got it three months ago, about $15. First, I like the large capacity. 10400mAH When I use it to charge my cellphone, it can do about 4 full charges. Per specs from official site. It said 4.5 full charges on the iPhone 5s. 1.5 full charges on