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SSL Certificate Checker

After installing the SSL certificate on the Nginx web server, you need to check if it is installed correctly. I installed the SSL certificate two months ago. The Sectigo ECC certificate. Now I change the certificate files. Previously, I put the site SSL certificate file content and the SSL-bundle file altogether. The final SSL certificate

Make the webpage faster

During past few months, I feel my blog is loaded slower and slower. Especially when I compared it with the past. At yesterday night and this morning, I did some fine tuning of my blog. To make the webpage loading faster and also make my blog reader happy. 1) Remove the Google Plus button which

WebPageTest has new UI

I do like to mod my Blog time by time. And also check the performance of website often. Now, I find UI of one of the best testing sites is changed. It is WebPageTest. The new look is clear and fast. OK, the point is not his UI or performance. I am talking about my