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Day 4 and Day 5 – Two Week Campaign

Weekend, it is time for rest, but I am still keep my two week campaign moving on.
Remove some old code from monthly archives. These code make the page shown very slow.
Follow twelve people on twitter each day.
Make a new kind archive template. It generate the last 10 post each category. Then I can pick one or two categories and shown them on home page. Right now I add Hardware, Software and Internet on home page. These three are most active categories.

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Some changes of blog

During past few days, I did some modification on my blog here to accomodate the social media changes.
First, I removed Digg button code from templates. Not just because of the traffic from Digg is very limited, but the Digg API was not working any more. Digg has a big change on their own side. I will wait and see the future of it.
Second, I replace the Facebook like button code from the MovableType plugins code to Facebook native code.
I put it just under the post title, before the content of post. It looks good.
Third, add Twitter button, just add it in the place which Digg used before.
I use the code from Twitter Developer site.

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How to Add +1 Button for particular URL

Yesterday, I post it to show how to add a Google +1 button.
It is easy when you just want the button for the page or URL which contain this button.


There is still some case like this. I have a page with the list of Posts. I would like to add +1 button to every post link.

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How to Add Google +1 Button

Google announce to release Google +1 Button to third party.
It is good tool for Blogger.
To add it on site, or blog like my MovableType blog, just two script need to be added.
1) Add following tag code to your head or just before your close body tag

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

2)Place this tag where you want the +1 button to render


I put the first script into MovableType templates, including index, entry, page.
Then put the second script into the main menu part.
It is not on the post body, but shown on navigating menu.

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How to change configuration of Awstats in Lxadmin

Lxadmin treat Awstats in different way.
The individual configuration file of particular domain or site is located
These files are rebuild ever time the batch file update the Awstats report.
Lxadmin uses a template file here.
If you want to change config of the Awstats file, you have to change the template file.

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Great lottery on is one of the most famous Template resource site in the world.
It is going to hold a lottery with give-away to any participant. will expose two of TemplateMonster’s website designs. In order to take part in the lottery one should vote for one design or the other.
The design which gets the most votes becomes the winner. Note the best design is chosen during two weeks period.
And here are the benefits for users to take part in the lottery:
– everyone who participates in lottery gets the free Icon Set. All icons included into this free Icon Set also relate to patriotic and 4th of July topic;
– also everyone who participates in lottery has a chance to get one of the special prizes.
The special prizes are:
– 1 Gift Certificate giving the opportunity to get any product from Template Monster database for free;
– two 80% discount coupons for purchasing any product from Template Monster database;
– three 50% discount coupons for purchasing any product from Template Monster database.
Note everyone who purchases any product from Template Monster during this promo will get the Icon Set that I’ve mentioned for free.
It sounds great. The process is simply.
1) Click the event page link. Fill in your name and email and choose the design you like, then click vote button.

2) Then you will get an email looks like below, to confirm your participating and show you the link to download the free set of icons.

We thank you again for participating in the 4th of July lottery from Template Monster.
To show you how grateful we are we provide you with a FREE Iconset that you may download by clicking a link below:
Download link shown here
Thank you.

That’s all. Now join the 4th of July Special on Template Monster.

Database on Dreamhost

This blog has some error last week. Some pages were not build correctly.
I diagnosed it and found the template was broken. A bunch of codes were missing.
I want to find the backup of MySQL database.
Go to Dreamhost Web Panel > Goodies > Manage MySQL
Next to the database name, there are four links. One of them is Restore DB.

Click Restore DB, and go the following page.

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503 error when save MT template at Dreamhost

When I move MT installation to Dreamhost, I tried to change template to meet the changes on server.
The 503 Error, Service Temporarily Unavailable comes every time I want to save MovableType Template.
I have to go to PhpMyAdmin to change the data from the database directly.
After doing a lot of Search, I found it is happen, because I use the extra-security. It is a default setting of DreamHost.
To solve this 503 error, just go to the domain and click edit, uncheck the extra-security, save it.
Then no 503 error any more when I change the MovableType template.

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