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A great file sharing sites search engine

I do a lot of search every day. From Google, Yahoo, Bing, to some vertical search engine. Each search engine has its own power.
Today, I would like to introduce one of the file search engine. You know, there are a lot of file storing, file sharing sites. Such as,, etc. You can do the search on every site mentioned above, but can not do one search including all the sites without the Search Engine I introduced here.
It is General-search, one file sharing search.
Say, I want to look up the ebook, “Webbots spiders and screen scrapers”.

I enter the file search engine web address into firefox. Put the book name into the search box, click search.
It return four results as below.

From the four results, I click the Download button. It lead me to the result page. The page has alternative sponsored link, and download button, Click the download button, will go to the file download page on file sharing site.

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Pick the friends from contact list

Google Reader can let users share the post with the friends.
Actually, it is not the friends list. It shares to all the contacts you have.
But, not all contacts are your friends. OK
Google fix this bug now.
User can pick the friends from the contact list.
People that you add to the Friends list will be able to automatically see your shared items in Reader (remember, shared items always have a public URL).

How to share files and folder over a network for workgroups in Windows 2000 Server

I have a LAN with Windows 2000 pro and Windows 2000 server. One share folder in Windows 2000 server. All people in the Lan can access this folder as member of workgroup.
The requirement is to setup this share folder to two groups with different security right.
The following notes is what I do in my server.
Setting Security on a Folder before share it
1) Log on to server as a user who is a member of the Administrators group. Open Windows Explorer.
2) Click the drive or folder in which I want to create a new folder.
3) Create a new folder, named it as “shareit”.
4) Right-click “shareit”, and then click Properties. Click the Security tab.
5) Click to clear the Allow inheritable permissions form parent to propagate to this object check box. In the Security dialog box, click Copy.
Note: The inherited permissions are copied directly to this folder.

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