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FortisBC announced rate decrease

Today, I received my natural gas bill. FortisBC announcement is inside. The announcement said Your natural gas bill is going down, effective from April 1, 2015. Actually, it is the commodity rate.  It will go down by $1.295 per gigajoule(GJ). As a residential customer, this rate is changed from $3.781 to $2.486 per GJ.

Voipstunt has a new no expire Credit policy

Voipstunt.com released its new credit policy. There will be no more expiry dates for credit. Say you buy $15.00 credit and have 120 Freedays. It means you can call all destinations marked as “Free” in 120 days for free. And after 120 days, you still have $15.00 in your account. Now you can use this