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Enable Memcache on phpBB 3

First of all, I need Memcache to be installed in the server.
I don’t want say too much about installation of Memcache. The topic is MAKE MEMCACHE WORK ON PHPBB3.
First get acm_memcache.php from code center of phpbb.
Put this file under /root/includes/acm/
There is acm_file.php already.
Then modify config.php
Replace $acm_type = ‘file’
$acm_type = ‘memcache’
That’s all.
Of course, if you do not use the default memcache installation, you need to config acm_memcache.php to let it know your IP and port.

phpBB 3.0.5 released

phpBB released its new version. 3.0.5.
This release fixes numerous bugs since the 3.0.4 release, corrects style issues, fixing one very minor security bug as well as increasing performance and scalability again. They also added a few new minor features.

New features and important changes are:
* Added and refined CAPTCHA options to better protect against new version of CAPTCHA crackers.
* Added an option to the registration screen to allow users to refresh the displayed CAPTCHA.
* Performance improvements for native fulltext search.
* Added a new search option. The admin can define the maximum number of words allowed to search for. This option gives control about the maximum search load.
* Search indexing should no longer stall for some installations.
* Conflicting files are able to be downloaded now within the automatic updater for manual inspection.
* The database updater now checks for an incompatible database schema in case the database version got updated. The admin will be notified about possible solutions and repair scripts.
* We now set the connection encoding for MySQL versions 4.1.0 to 4.1.2. This may fix some conversion issues with special characters.
* Language pack authors now see errors/notices within their language pack if they enabled DEBUG_EXTRA.
* Flash files now display again after update to flash player 10.

I have an forum powered by phpBB 3. I will test the upgrade this weekend.
Download phpBB 3.0.5 here.

phplist released 2.10.9

I just installed a mailing list software on one of my forum.
Because mass email function of phpBB 3 does not work, I have to pick phplist, one of best free mail list software.
I introduced this software before. Now it is v 2.10.9 which released on 29 January 2009.
I have some tips need to be recorded for future reference.
1) User list is exported from phpBB database through phpmyadmin.
2) Gmail/Google Apps setting for bounce email on phplist configuration file.

$bounce_mailbox_host = '';
$bounce_mailbox_user = '';
$bounce_mailbox_password = '********';
$bounce_mailbox_port = "995/pop3/ssl/novalidate-cert" ;

3) User list file is cvs format.
Please be remember to use tab delimiter, do not use common as delimiter.

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phpBB3 Email settings with Gmail or Google Apps

I did a post one year ago for PHPBB2 and Gmail. Now I have a PHPBB 3.0.4.
How to config phpBB 3 forum board to make its email setting working with Gmail or Google Apps?
The old way does not work. How can I do?
I find a way to use Gmail smtp facility to send out email.

1) Have the Gmail or Goolge Apps’s email account works.
2) Using the menu at the top right edge of the main Gmail window (the one that shows up after you log in), click on Settings, and then Forwarding and POP / IMAP. Under POP Download, click either Enable POP for all Mail, or Enable POP for Mail that Arrives Now (which ever suits your purpose). Configure anything else that appeals to you too. Exit from the Gmail Settings Window after saving your selections (this is important).

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Upgrade phpBB by Automatic update package

I have a phpBB board with some modification.
To upgrade it from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 is not that difficult.
Previously, I have to record all modification I made on it and backup everything and upgrade it through a patched package or changes package. After upgrade I have to do all modification again, because they are all gone during upgrade processing.
Now Automatic update package is released with phpBB 3.0.1.
It is a good news for me.
This update method is the preferred method for updating. This package allows detecting changed files automatically and merges changes if needed.
The automatic update package is holding – contrary to the others – only the update informations for updating the last released version to the latest available version. These package is meant for use with the automatic update tool.
To perform the update, either follow the instructions from the Administration Control Panel->System Tab – this should point out that you are running an outdated version and will guide you through the update – or follow the instructions listed below.
* Go to the downloads page and download the latest update package listed there, matching your current version.
* Upload the archives contents to your phpBB installation – only the install folder is required. Upload the whole install folder, retaining the file structure.
* After the install folder is present, phpBB3 will go offline automatically.
* Point your browser to the install directory, for example
* Choose the “Update” Tab and follow the instructions
During update, it will compare the difference between current files and new files. Then it ask the FTP information and do all the changes for you.
It is easy and fast.

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