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System Mechanic 10.8

I test the System Mechanic 10.8 on my Windows XP sp3 in my office. Installation is pretty simple. It is one of the best PC tune-up / PC utility tools I used up to now. First, speed is very important. If the loading speed of the tool itself is slow, I will have no confidence

WebPageTest has new UI

I do like to mod my Blog time by time. And also check the performance of website often. Now, I find UI of one of the best testing sites is changed. It is WebPageTest. The new look is clear and fast. OK, the point is not his UI or performance. I am talking about my

Optimize JS in MovableType

Everyone knows my blog is powered by MovableType. Actually I start to blog from MovableType 3.11. There is a mt.js file in root of the blog. It is 20K after generating by MovableType 4.26. Then to make it smaller. I use Yuicompressor which is provided by Yahoo Developer Network. Then it is only 13K. And

Another Ten PHP Optimization Tips

I wrote PHP Optimization to improve performance. Now I have another ten PHP optimization tips for you. 1. Single-quoted strings. Use single quote when possible. It is faster than double quote. If it is string only, just pick single quotes. 2. The way output data. Could you point which is the fastest way to output

PHP Optimization to improve performance

When coding in PHP in variety ways, some way is simple, some is not. But there must be one better way that can provide better performance. Here is a list of 63+ best practice to optimize PHP code performances I learn some from it. echo is faster than print. require_once() is expensive If you need