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How to convert flac file to MP3 with FormatFactory

I use FormatFactory 3.8.0 to convert video files, audio files. It can also convert picture, such as jpg png ico, bmp, gif, tif, pcx, tga; and document, such as pdf, html mobi, EPub, AZW3.

Here I am talking about how to convert audio file, which is flac. I would like to convert it to mp3 and import it to iTunes. At the last, I will play it on my iPod shuffle.

The problem is I got the error 0x00000001.


I have no idea what happened. Since FormatFactory gave the option to convert flac to mp3, why it can not do it.

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APE to MP3 on Windows 2000

I posted How to convert APE to MP3 in Chinese one year ago.
Now I feel it is not completed to explain the whole story for converting and some setting for the program working on Windows 2000 English version.
How to Convert APE to MP3 on Windows 2000?
I have following files download somewhere.

Do you know this famous singer? She is TERESA TENG. Her voice heard like from heaven.
Because of these files’ name are Chinese, to make them work smoothly, I changed the reginal options in control panel into Chinese.


After these setting, let’s download the programs we will use later.
Download Monkey’s Audio 3.99F, this version including MakeAPL. MakeAPL will be used later.
After downloading, just run the self-extracting .exe, and the setup program will step you through the rest of the installation.
Download LAME 3.97b2
Download file
Decompress it and copy all files into your installation of Monkey’s Audio, something like:
c:\program files\Monkey’s Audio\External\

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