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Add Disqus without remove the existing comments

As I mentioned before, I installed Disqus commenting system on this MovableType 5.
But the way I posted is to replacing all old comments template. So, after publishing, existing comments are not showing on the page.
Now, I change the comments template.
1) Just add the Disqus code in the very beginning of the comments template. Keep the old code of it.
2) Change the comment setting, at Settings > Feedback, un-check the check box at Accept Comment. (It stop future comments with MovableType 5 own commenting system.)
3) Republish and done.

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Install Disqus commenting system on MovableType 5

MovableType has commenting system, but it is not good. Most of time, thousand spam is sitting in the blog await the owner to delete them. If there are many thousands spams, it is hard to delete them in a short command. My experience is to use phpMyadmin to delete them. The sql script I use is: delete from mt_comment where comment_visible = 0. I used it to delete 63962 spams.
OK. I give up. I find Disqus. It is beautiful and easy to install.
First of all, I have to disable the internal commenting system of MovableType 5
Click Settings >> Feedback >> Comment Settings, uncheck the check mark box of Accept Comments.


Second, Go to to sign up and add your site. When choose the code, please be noticed that MovableType plugins is only for MovableType 4, not 5. So, choose universal code.
Then copy the code in the first box and put in the very beginning of comments template. Save the template.
Keep the code already there, which will keep the old comments.
The last step is republish all entry archives.

How to Add Meta keywords description tags into Movabletype 5.04 Templates

When doing on page optimization of blog, you need to beautify the html code and try to make it easy for Search Engine indexing.
The basic concept is to add meta keywords and description tags in every web page.
Now I show you how to add it into MovableType 5.04 Templates
Sign in the backend of your MovableType blog.
click Design > Templates
Find Entry template under Archive Templates set.
click it to get into the editor mode.
Find following code in it.

<title><$mt:EntryTitle encode_html="1"$> - <$mt:BlogName encode_html="1"$></title>

Add the following code after it

<meta name="keywords" content="<MTEntryTags glue=", "><$MTTagName$></MTEntryTags>" /><br /> <meta name="description" content="<MTEntryExcerpt>" />

Rebuild the individual pages after above changes.

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