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Toner Replacement for Samsung ML-1915

I have a laser printer, Samsung ML-1915. I got it about six years ago. Early January, my daughter found the prints are not clear. I checked it and found the toner is almost gone. I need to buy new toners.

First I did the search on the Internet. Checked the Staples and other stores online, it is so expensive. Over $100 each. I kept looking for the replacement.

At the last, I ordered 2pk toners from Toner4U through Two toners total $33.85, including tax, free shipping. I ordered on Jan 28. Received on Feb 2.

jkML-1915 toner, Front view of the Box


Look at the red sticker. The box shows the model of toner, MLT-D105L.

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Got a Samsung ML-1915 to replace ML-2010

I have a Samsung ML-2010 laser printer for 4 years. You can find the post of it. the day before yesterday, when I want to print something, it did not work. I tried to fix it. All failed. The red and green lights kept blinking.
OK, it is time to get a new one, I thought. I checked Bestbuy, Stalples, Office Depot, Future Shop, etc. Compare the price and features from All-in-one laser printer to wireless printer. Color laser printer is not in my consideration.
I make the decision that Samsung ML-1915 is the right one for me.


picture from Samsung official site.
Actually, I just need a laser printer for print only. Scan, copy are not necessary. Wireless is also not must have. I use DNS-323 as a printer server. All computers in my home can access the printer through DNS-323.
Samsung ML-1915 is on the market last Oct. Not a old product.

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