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High CPU usage on Dell Inspiron 5570

It is in November 2019. There is a laptop, Dell Inspiron 5570. It is my mother in law’s laptop. Recently she found it is so slow and ask my help.

I connected this laptop through Teamviewer. I checked the CPU usage and found it is so high and the temperature is also high.

It is above 90 degrees.  The CPU usage is 100%. The top two are Intel PROSet/Wireless Event log service and Intel PROSet/Wireless Zero Configure Service.




The Windows 10 was upgraded to the latest one. build 1909.

I have to check the problem on Google and Dell community.

Actually I found the answer.

Excessive power and CPU usage for Intel(R) Proset/Wireless Services on Inspiron 5570 after Win10 update KB4511552

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Crucial BX200 240GB 2.5-inch SSD

Crucial BX200 240GB

I bought a Crucial BX 200 SSD, a 2.5-inch SSD, 240GB. I bought it from in May 2016.

I have not found time to post what I did on it. Now I would like to record it here for future reference.  My elder daughter, Grace use a  laptop which is almost five years old. DELL XPS L502X.

To upgrade it and make it faster, I thought it is best to replace the old HDD with SSD.

Crucial BX200 240GB.

Crucial BX200 240GB

Crucial BX200 240GB box back

The Box Contains:

  1. 2.5-inch 7mm SSD SATA 6GB/s
  2. 7mm to 9.5mm spacer
  3. Data migration software key.

Crucial BX200 SSD

This is the SSD itself.

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