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Google Earth release updated photos

Recently, Google updated it Google Earth’s photos in a lot of country or area. This update included the photos of Shanghai, China. I have a screenshot of my home in Shanghai last year. Compared with the screenshot below I just took, it is much more clear than before. And, some construction site is almost finished

Google Earth update again

On Sep, 14, I just downloaded and installed Google Earth 4.0.2080 beta. It has new version yesterday. This time it is Google Earth 4.0.2091 now. If you already have Google Earth 4.0.2080, you will not get update information by check update in the program. You have to go to http://earth.google.com/index.html to download the full version

Google Earth has a new Beta 4.0.2080

Google Earth is a so interesting free tool I used so ofter. So I check if it has a update regularly. It is a celebration for first anniversary of Google Earth. It is Beta 4 I downloaded Google Earth 4 beta in July. It is 4.00.1693. I knew Google has new beta with some new