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FarmVille 2 Neighbourhood

Add Me to have more neighbours from game – FarmVille2 beginning.

Every time, when you start a new game at Facebook, you need friends or fans to participate it and be your neighbours. Then, you and your neighbours will play smoothly and faster.
It is hard to get new or active neighbours to play FarmVille 2. I created a page for you. You can post on it and ask for help or get neighbour there.
It has a name called FarmVille 2 Neighbourhood.
You will like it and it is simple to do it.

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How to Get More Neighbours In CastleVille

It is always lacking friends when someone starts to play CastleVille. Even you have a lot of neighbours, you still need more active neighbours.

Active friends will accept your requests and visit your castle often. You will always need stuffs to complete tasks. You send the stuff request to your neighbours, and neighbours help each others.


Here is the list of tips which can let you have more neighbours in CastleVille in a short time.

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Add me as your CityVille neighbors on facebook

During last few weeks, I spend a lot of time on playing this facebook game. CityVille. My friend, Beth, introduced this game to me. I am refusing for a long time. Until she shown it to me. I feel it is a little bit like SimCity. One of my favorite games for many years.
I start to play it last week. I need more neighbors on it to expend my city. If you are my reader, and also has facebook account, please add me to be your friend on facebook first, then add me into neighbor on CityVille.


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Pick the friends from contact list

Google Reader can let users share the post with the friends.
Actually, it is not the friends list. It shares to all the contacts you have.
But, not all contacts are your friends. OK
Google fix this bug now.
User can pick the friends from the contact list.
People that you add to the Friends list will be able to automatically see your shared items in Reader (remember, shared items always have a public URL).

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