I use phpMyAdmin when I need to access MySQL database directly. The phpMyAdmin application requires not only the MySQL server, but also PHP and a Web server to be installed. This application is commonly found in a virtual hsoting envirnment through an Internet Service Provider, as it allows the userContinue Reading

I choose MySQL as my program’s database. The main features of MySQL are: Speed Portability Ability to interface with any programming languare Price MySQL is a multithreaded server, meaning that each time a connection is made, a new server process is started. If you have to switch operating systems orContinue Reading

phpBB3 is released last month. I upgraded one phpBB 2.0.22 to phpBB 3 yesterday. I will show you the details about the upgrade later. Now I just mark some good features phpBB 3 added. UTF-8 Support, Search Engine spider Handling, Set min/max Username Length, Set min/max Password Length, Set PasswordContinue Reading