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How to install DOSBox on Windows 7

There are a lot of old programs or games can not install or run on current, or stat of art, Windows 7. DOSBox is the best way to do it. Bring me back to the old time.

Now, it is how-to shown you the steps to install DOSBox.
1) Download the appropriate version of the program for your operating system. You may need to download an installer program first.

The latest version is 0.74. Download the Windows binary installer.

2) Make a folder for your MS-DOS programs or games. Name it something memorable, like “DOSAPP.”

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Playing Mame Arcade Game on Raspberry Pi

My first project for Raspberry Pi is game emulator. Oh, no, it is the second. The first is to make a case for Raspberry Pi.

Let us look at the Raspberry Pi’s status when it working inside of the case.

The board is sitting inside of the box perfectly. The white lan cable connect from left. Usb keyboard and usb mouse connect from left. orange HDMI cable is from up. The mini-usb power cable from right.


I followed the instruction of Shea Silverman’s blog.
I tried the Namco Galaxians game when I first run it.

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