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Expend your CityVille by more friends

CityVille was introduced by my friend. She knew I like to play SimCity style games. So when I start to play CityVille, I can not stop.
I spend a lot of time on this game. See my current status of City of David Yin.

CityVille is a wonderful game. I like it.

If you have never played it, just try it.

If you try it, you will like it.

If you like it, you can not stop playing.


This is only half of my City.

The tips to expend your city are very simple. I would like to share my experience.
1) Check your city regularly. At least 4 hours a time at daytime.

2) Farming is best to use 1 day corn, 2.1 days wheat, and 3.1 days peas. If there are no task to harvest others.

3) Use City sidewalk to connect buildings, which can save space for building.

4) Click your neighbors post on the Game, when you give your gift, you get one as reward.

5) More friends, more neighbors. This is the key to make your city expending faster.

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Add me as your CityVille neighbors on facebook

During last few weeks, I spend a lot of time on playing this facebook game. CityVille. My friend, Beth, introduced this game to me. I am refusing for a long time. Until she shown it to me. I feel it is a little bit like SimCity. One of my favorite games for many years.
I start to play it last week. I need more neighbors on it to expend my city. If you are my reader, and also has facebook account, please add me to be your friend on facebook first, then add me into neighbor on CityVille.


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