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Best Christmas gift from my Daughters

It is Christmas. Everyone will get a Christmas gift. It is also the best time for family together.

My daughters help my wife and me to setup up the tree, choose the theme of this year, then decorating the Christmas tree.

From the picture below, you can see gifts are already piled on the floor.

Usually, in the morning of Christmas Day, we open the gift under the tree.


You know what. My dear daughters, Grace and Gloria pick up the my favorite to me.

Angry Birds
They got a angry bird pillow for me. It is so sweet.
Andy also they choose metal keychain. I can keep it in my pocket any time.

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Enjoy the Christmas Lights and donate to Michael Cuccione Foundation

Just pass by the massive lights displaying when I went to Kensington Square this afternoon. I am noticed that this house has so many Christmas decorations and also some words mentioned donation.
Later I drive to Christmas dinner with Grace, my elder daughter. She told me some news she read from the newspaper, Burnaby Now. The news is the story about the Massive light display helps fight cancer.
I said, I saw it today.
So after dinner, we went there to have a look.
Here is some pictures we took there.

We came about 8 o’clock. Not many visitors. But when we leave, a lot of cars stop to see it.
Yes, we did donation for it. It is a holiday for sharing our love.

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