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Server Name Indication (SNI)

Server Name Indication is an extension to the TLS computer networking protocol by which a client indicates which hostname it is attempting to connect to at the start of the handshaking process.

The most import reason to have this extension is to allow a server to present multiple SSL web site, or multiple certificates on the same IP address and TCP port number. So one IP address can serve more than one HTTPS web sites.

This extension insert the host name in the very first request sending from client Hello header. The standard TLS will send host name after handshaking.

TLS handshake using SNI

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How to clear host cache records in Google Chrome browser

It is not often to clear the cache of host records in Browser, here is Google Chrome.

When I change the DNS setting of one of my domain, and I want to see the effect right a way.

First, I change the DNS setting and push the changes.

Second, I check the online tool to check the DNS population is well on Internet.

Third, I check it on my computer, browser.

I use Google Chrome as my main browser. I found it is still going to the old IP, or location.

Browser cache facility keep the records for certain time. It save time for domain resolution from Internet Domain Server.  TTL is 2 hours for Chrome.

To manually clean the cache and force Chrome to get the IP address for real time. Enter the following URL in address bar.


Then click the “Clean host cache” button.


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Browser, OS and Screen Resolution data of 2011

I use Google Analytics on this Blog for many years. Now I would like to share the basic user technology statistics.
The Top 5 Browsers of 2011 are:

  • Firefox 35.36%
  • IE 25.89%
  • Chrome 21.56%
  • Safari 12.33%
  • Opera 1.93%

When I compare the first half year with the second half year data, Firefox and IE decreased, with Chrome increased.
More people start to use Chrome.
The Top 5 Operating System of 2011 are:

  • Windows 71.1%
  • Linux 9.67%
  • Mac 9.30%
  • iPhone 4.30%
  • Android 1.74%

I also compared the date. It seems more mobile devices visitor came.

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Firefox 9.01 release

Time goes so fast. And also version number of Firefox.
Today I saw Firefox 9.01 released. Actually it is released yesterday, Dec. 21, 2011.
Just one day after the Firefox 9.0, which is released on Dec. 20, 2011.
Firefox 8.0 released on Nov.8, 2011.
Is it a number game. To mimic Netscape Navigator.
I do hope Mozilla Firefox can improve the loading speed and fix the memory problem in the soonest future.
Google Chrome has better experience now. The only reason I still use Firefox is the plugins. Firefox has a lot of third party plugins.

How to close Firefox windows without prompt

I have a batch file, to run the command and want to close it automatically.
Basically, I can use javascript to close it.
But it is always prompt that ask for Confirmation.
Actually I just want it run by schedule and close itself after finishing.
So, I use the Google BB (Big Buddha) to search it.
The final answer and only one answer is below.
The reason why the script is not working, is that Window is not opened by javascript. So it can not be closed by javascript automatically. It is simply concept. And the solution is also simply.

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Opera Upgrade to 11.0

The Version of Opera Browser is 11.00. Build 1156. Just upgrade to it few minutes ago.
I feel Opera is one of the fastest Internet browser, if it is not the fastest.
It has following new features:
Tab stacking
Dragging one tab over another allows you to create groups of tabs. Now you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized and under control.
Safer address field
The address field has been improved and now hides the complexity of long web addresses. It also provides more security information to help you stay safe when browsing; just click the badge for the website to see security information about the site you are visiting.

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Browsers battle in 2009

Now there five main browsers in the market.
Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft IE 8, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.
If we just think about Windows platform.
Firefox has best web application compatibility. For web standards, Google Chrome and Opera are better support standards. Everyone knows that Firefox has a lot of Addons. So for extensibility, Firefox wins.
There are also some very important for users.
Performance, Opera 10 and Google Chrome are loading faster than others.
Platform Support, Firefox and Opera support Windows, Mac and Linux systems.
I do have IE on my Windows. I have Opera and Firefox too.
Among these three, I use Firefox most often, because of addons I need only working on Firefox. Sometimes I use Opera. Opera Unite is very cool.
What happen in next year.

Google and Firefox

Google works better with Firefox web browser.
Click the button rightside to download Firefox with Google toolbar.
I use IE and Mozilla Firefox at same time. I feel CSS presentation has a little difference. The reason is that IE has so many extensions which are not W3C standard. If the website designed following by the web standard like CSS 2.0 standard and XHTML 1.1 standard, Firefox will do the better job.

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