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Install Disqus commenting system on MovableType 5

MovableType has commenting system, but it is not good. Most of time, thousand spam is sitting in the blog await the owner to delete them. If there are many thousands spams, it is hard to delete them in a short command. My experience is to use phpMyadmin to delete them. The sql script I use is: delete from mt_comment where comment_visible = 0. I used it to delete 63962 spams.
OK. I give up. I find Disqus. It is beautiful and easy to install.
First of all, I have to disable the internal commenting system of MovableType 5
Click Settings >> Feedback >> Comment Settings, uncheck the check mark box of Accept Comments.


Second, Go to to sign up and add your site. When choose the code, please be noticed that MovableType plugins is only for MovableType 4, not 5. So, choose universal code.
Then copy the code in the first box and put in the very beginning of comments template. Save the template.
Keep the code already there, which will keep the old comments.
The last step is republish all entry archives.

Microsoft Security Essentials released

Right now, Microsoft released its free security program, Microsoft Security Essential. It can not work on Windows 2000.
Operating System Requirement: Genuine Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3); Windows Vista (Gold, Service Pack 1, or Service Pack 2); Windows 7
Let’s see what he said about it:
Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
I am not very sure how good it is. You would better try it yourself and leave your comment to tell others how it works.
You can get it free here.

Add reCAPTCHA in MovableType 4.1

reCAPTCHA is better than MT native captcha image. reCAPTCHA is not only the a program that can tell whether its user is a human or a computer, but also let users help to recognize the scanned document. More details about the theory of reCAPTCHA.
MovableType 4.1 has an native CAPTCHA tool. It also has an extra plugin of reCAPTCHA.
Let me show you how to install and enable it.
1) Register an account at reCAPTCHA.
2) Add domain, all sub-domain will works under it.
3) Get public key and private key.
4) Copy the reCaptcha folder from /your MT folder/extras/examples/plugins/ to /your MT folder/plugins/ directory
5) Choose reCaptcha as the blog’s captcha provider
Blog name > preferences > blog settings > comment
6) Save public key and private key into settings.
Blog name > preferences > plugins
7) Edit Comment Form template, so it renders MTCaptchaFields unconditionally. In practice, this means replacing these lines

 <MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTCaptchaFields">
 <div id="comments-open-captcha">

to these lines:

<MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTCaptchaFields">
 <div id="comments-open-captcha">

8) Edit Javascipt index template, to remove these lines of code which calls delayShowCaptcha:

<MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTCaptchaFields">
 captcha_timer = setInterval('delayShowCaptcha()', 1000);

9) Rebuild index and individual entry archive and page archive.

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