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Add a new Ads unit on blog

Today I added a new Google AdSense wide Skyscraper ad unit on the right side. The purpose is to test the number of Page impressions, not for ads earning. If it is for earning, I always think less is better. And I will save the best place for the only one ads. There are more

OpenX 2.8.1 Released

It is released on 2009-05-27. There are some bug fix. I just upgraded my OpenX installation afternoon. It is very simple to upgrade from v2.8.0 to 2.8.1. # Bug Fixes * Zone probabilities are distributed amongst campaigns, independent of the number of banners. OX-3095 * Fixed delivery of exclusive campaigns when banners have delivery limitations.

How to handle the lower offer

I received an email from a guy who said he is a webmaster. He want to buy some text links on my site. It is another site, not this Blog. The first question is Price? He replied with some sample of this kind of ads he called it text link. Actually it is contextual link

Make Money with WidgetBucks Online

WidgetBucks is an advertising network that gives a widget that displays shopping ads. When a reader clicks on the widget and visits the advertiser, you make money. WidgetBucks runs on a CPC model – you get paid when readers clicks on the ads – they do not have to make a purchase from the advertiser.