WordPress has this problem, sometimes. I tried to sign in the backend of the WordPress website. It took a little bit longer to show the page without CSS or JS.

It looks like below:

So I open the Web Developer Tools of the browser Firefox. Check the Network.

Refresh the page.

There is one 500 error on the site.


It is a script to combine the styles into one file. Then it is broken.

The solution I found on Google is to add a configuration line into the wp-config.php file.


Open the wp-config.php file.

Add the following before the require_once.

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false); 

Then, refresh the Admin page. It looks OK.

All the CSS files are loaded individually.

The real reason, I believe, is because the Plugin or Theme has a small compatible issue with the WordPress program.

David Yin

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