Recently, my VPS which hosted a bunch of WordPress sites gave an error message: Too many connections. I mean all available connections have been used by the various clients and my MySQL server can not serve any new connections until any of the existing connections is closed.

How Many Connections Can MySQL handle?

The default, MariaDB 10.3.34 can handle up to 151 connections. The number is stored in a server variable called max_connections.

How to Increase Max Connection in MySQL?

Check the default max connections

The main command  is:

show variables like "max_connections";

The output is 151.

Increase Max Connections in settings

The file keeps the setting of max_connections is located /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/  the file name is 50-server.cnf

cd /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d

sudo nano 50-server.cnf

Find the line of max_connections , remove the comment characters or just just add the following in to the end of the file, save it.

max_connections = 200

Restart MySQL server

sudo service mariadb restart

Then, try to check the max connections variable by the previous way mentioned above, the result is 200.

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