I bought a Sound Level Meter at Taobao last fall in China. Now I would like to test it indoor first.

I need three AAA battery, which is included.

Press the red On/Off button, the device will be on and show the current environment noise level by dBA on LCD screen.

Press the on/off button again, the LCD screen backlight will be on. It is a good design for the people using it in the dark place.

Press the left button, Min/Max button, makes the device to “Min” mode. If the lower noise level is tested, the current figure on the screen will be replaced.

Press the left button again, it will go to “Max” mode.

The device will be turned off automatically if no operation in 10 minutes. You can also press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.


Range: 30 – 130 dBA +-1.5dB

Frequence: 31.5Hz – 8KHz

Here is a chart of the noise level. See how good or bad of our environment.

The reading of the meter is 38.9dBA. It is in my basement. Two computers are on. It is still good.

Benetech GM1353.

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