In today’s highly advanced technological age, there has to be a place where those who understand the major components and aspects of code and sourcing gather together and hang out.

The modern hangout for computer enthusiasts like coders is no longer a library or computer center; such coders and other online data and content managers have a totally different type of hangout these days. They can be found getting together online on collaborative sites and networks that allow for the free flow of shared ideas and solutions as well as a display of source coding and databases. These same sites host plenty of examples of game development, engineering and coding for Mac and Windows operating systems. Coders keep a portfolio of repositories developed on their own as well as in collaboration with other coders online and otherwise.

Coders come together online in order to solve issues and work collaboratively to conquer coding problems. While sharing their work online, coders can post repositories of code solutions as well as join collaborative discussions with other coders. Coders share ideas and insights through open and free-flowing discussions on coding and technological language. Through this type of collaboration, professionals and amateurs alike uncover the solutions necessary to construct intricate SQL database and online games as well as mobile applications and other usages.

Special websites let coders post profiles to connect with each other and clients. These sites offer coders an opportunity to post their listings of repositories like an online portfolio. Along with a coder’s profile and portfolio, coders can add links to their social media and social networking accounts as well as a photo or an avatar for their landing page. In many cases, coders can also post a brief bio along with some other highlights such as their specialties, like if they are a master of Java or other code languages. These profile pages allow others to get a sense and feel for who else is online to chat with as well as possibly enter into a collaborative work relationship with online. From financial budgeting apps to fantasy roleplay games, some of the best programs have evolved from this type of collaboration between coders with similar interests.

On Internet hangout sites like GitHub and other networks, coder profile pages span the full gamut from goofy and comical to those that tend to have more of a professional appeal. A prime example of a coder profile viewable on GitHub is Max Gorin coder under the handle Nomad Coder. His profile reveals his contact information as well as an online display of his body of work and his online activity feed. By reviewing such coder profiles and features, other users can gain some insights into how to collaborate and communicate with coders, content writers and gaming engineers as well as mobile app developers. This way, coders with similar interests can reach out to ask and answer relevant coding questions, and clients can find technically savvy Internet users and coding artists to collaborate with on special projects.

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