I have a VPS server. The OS is CentOS 5.3 (final)
It is running very well. Because I like to keep software updated. So I use yum command to update it.

It told me nothing to update. OK.

PHP 5.2.6 and MySQL 5.0.77 installed on CentOS 5.3

To keep it update, I have to add repository.

Let me describe the steps.

1) SSH to the server

2) Run following command

#rpm --import http://www.jasonlitka.com/media/RPM-GPG-KEY-jlitka
#vi /etc/yum.repos.d/utterramblings.repo

3) Add following content into the utterramblings.repo

name=Jason's Utter Ramblings Repo

4) Save and run following command to do the update.

#yum update php
#yum update mysql

The results are php to 5.2.11 and mysql to 5.0.84.

I took above method from
bingu. Thanks my friend.

David Yin

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