Kontera is hacked

Update on January 29: It is a big upgrade for the Publisher Center. Not hack.
Kontera is a good Ads provider.
Today when I login my account by click the “account login” from the home page of Kontera.


I got the plain page with the H1 tag. It said “It works!”.

The information seems that Kontera is hacked by someone.
If it is a scheduled maintenance, they may post some detailed notes, not the shot text “It works!”.
The text on the login page, ” It works!” looks like some hacker really did something on Kontera.
I have some concern about the account safety of publishers and advertisers.
Data security is very important, especially there are so many data related to the users’ financial information.


  1. That’s ok.
    But please avoid in future to display “It Works” like message.

  2. Thanks to you.
    The information you provided make me comfortable.

  3. Hi David,
    This is Vered from Kontera and I’m glad to inform that we were not hacked :).
    Kontera has launched its new Publisher Center yesterday and what you’ve seen was a temporary message resulting from the necessary server updates.
    If you login to your Kontera account now you’ll be able to access your data, and check out the new features we added to the Publisher Center.
    Publisher Services Manager

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