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Last Christmas, I bought an XBOX One S as a Christmas gift for my son and myself. Why is the gift for two? The reason is we play the games together as partners. My six years old, Gabriel, like Lego Super Heroes game on XBOX 360. The console I bought about five years ago. Maybe

Upgrade XBMC-SVN_2008-01-27_rev11426-T3CH

XBMC is the best media center on XBOX. To upgrade the XBMC, doing the following steps. 1) FTP to XBOX by IP address. say 2) Backup the following files and delete them from the XBOX e:\apps\xbmc e:\udata\0face008\ e:\tdata\0face008\ 3) Upload the latest XBMC you download. The upgrade is very simple. Just uploading, then finished.