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Error 2038 on Uploading photos to Gallery 3.0.2

When upload photos to Gallery 3.0.2, most of time I will see some errors. About 30% pictures can not be uploaded. The Gallery 3.0.2 is running on Dreamhost hosting plan. The error code is 2038. Based on the official support page of Gallery3. 2038 Some servers have simultaneous upload limitations. To overcome this; login, Click

Upload file with socket enabled

I have a website, which allow user to upload large file. Such as 200MB flv file through WEB interface. This kind of upload is not use FTP, not the regular php upload function, or get, post form function. The large file has to use socket to upload. It need socket enabled on PHP. I do

Amazon S3 has Multipart Upload

Just got the email from Amazon. It announced Multipart Upload for S3 storage. We are excited to announce Multipart Upload which enables faster, more flexible uploads into Amazon S3. Multipart Upload allows you to upload a single object as a set of parts. Each part is a contiguous portion of the objects data. You can

Download speed comparison Globally

There is a picture present the global download speed comparison, which is sourcing from Akamai. First of all, I would like you to test your own Internet speed first. It is including Download speed, Upload speed, and Ping time. I recommend the speed testing service of Speedtest.net. Just a few minutes ago, I tested my