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Alexa toolbar for Firefox:Sparky

Alexa is a good tool to value the sites in the world.
It has toolbar for IE only before. Now Alexa has an addon for Firefox.
Alexa Sparky v1.3.1 for Firefox.
I installed it on my office desktop 5 minutes ago. When I restart the firefox, it redir me to a page with some poll. It ask me following questions.
Gender, Age, Household income, Ethnicity, Education, Children in Household or not, office or home, and post code.
It the status bar of Firefox. There are some new information of the site you are watching. The information includes, Traffic trend, Traffic rank, Reach meter.
When I read this blog’s site information provided by Alexa, I think it is a very helpful tool for blogger to optimize the content. And know more about the readers of the blog.

Gmail notifier on Google Toolbar 3.0 for Firefox

I just installed the Google Toolbar 3.0 for Firefox.
I saw the new feature, maybe not, which will notify you the incoming Gmail.
When you have some new Gmail, the Gmail icon looks like that in following picture. You can click the triangle right to the Gmail icon, the pulldown menu will show you the title of new emails.

When you click the Gmail icon, and open the Gmail interface, the icon will be changed to normal.

Try Google Toolbar for Firefox 3

I use Firefox for all my regular web use, except some special web site I have to use IE Tab.
The current Google Toolbar for Firefox I used is 2.1.

Some IE version features were not provided on Firefox version. Say, Google Bookmarks, Google Accounts login.
Now Google release the 3.0 Google Toolbar 3.0 for Firefox.
This my most wanted feature. So I don’t need Firefox Google Bookmarks any more.

This is also a good improvement for Google Toolbar.

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