It is tax season again. Now I would like to introduce another one. One of the most famous Tax Software. Premium + State Taxcut Software by H&R Block They offer a range of products, all of which are supported by H&R Block tax professionals: * With our software and onlineContinue Reading

In Tax Tips for Canadians “for Dummies” 2006 edition, one chapter is focused on Tax Changes for 2005 Tax year. I trust over 50% Canadian donot know about it. The followingis highlight these ten changes. 1) Tax credit for adoption expenses For 2005 the total amounts claimed by the parentsContinue Reading

This is Tax season.Everyone need to file his or her tax return. I wrote “Canadian Tax Software” last year. There are so many tax software. The following are some Tax Software for Canadian. QuickTax Desktop on online via QuickTaxWeb from Intuit Canada. TurboTax, previous know as Quick Tax. TaxTron www.taxtron.caContinue Reading

I sent my TAX forms to CRA today. Now I want to introduce some Canadian TAX Software. Free without printing. Unlimited Tax returens, $8 only. Free download, free while income under $25,000. $6.08 per person. Once you purchase GenuTax, annual tax updates for future years areContinue Reading