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WordPress and Simple Tags

I have an installation of WordPress for one of my Blog. It is running over one year. For WordPress, I have something to record related to the tag, the most important feature of Web2.0 or Blog. As every WP fans know, WordPress is V2.3.1 now. It is free for download, and Open Sourced. The embedded

SimpleTag plugin

I am a newbie of WordPress. To implement a tag system for this site. I try some different tag plugin. bunny-tags, UTW, and simple-tagging. Finally, I choose Simple Tagging. It is really simple to install it on WordPress. The installation step: 1) Download package, Download v1.6 file 2) Decompress it and put the files into

How to add Tag Cloud

One of the new features of MovableType 3.31 is Tag. I still use the old template files. I don’t know if the new template includes it or not. The tag is good facility to organize post by tag word. You can also know which tag word is mentioned most often. Let me DIY my templates.