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SPA-2002 Daylight Saving Time setting

The phone connected with my VOIP adapter, SPA-2002, is always get the wrong time. You know, we live in North America, with Daylight Saving Time. The clock of phone will update depending on the time info from the VOIP adapter.
Even I change the phone set time manually, it will changed back next day.
So the setting of clock or time on SPA-2002 is the key issue.
Let’s see how I did to make it work perfectly in Canada.
1) NTP server.
I choose the Canadian NTP server pool. Enter the following server address into NTP server field.
2) TimeZone.
I am in Vancouver, Canada. Choose GMT-08:00.
3) Daylight Saving Time Rule
In the ‘regional’ tab, Daylight Saving Time Rule field enter the following data.
start=4/2/7/2:0:0;end=11/1/7/2:0:0;­ save=1
4) Save and it works.

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Upgrade SPA-2002 Firmware

I have a SPA-2002 device for 8 months. I also use VOIPSTUNT as my Voip serivec provider.

The Firmware with device is 3.1.2(a). Nothing wrong.

I went to SIPURA website, and saw the new firmware there.

So, I upgrade it to new version.
Let me show you how to do the upgrade.

1) Download it from the download page. Here

2) Decompress it into a folder.

3) There are two files, spa2002-03-01-05.bin and spa2002-03-01-05.exe.

4) Get the IP address of your SAP-2002.
You can go to SPA’s voice menu by pressing **** on your analog phone and press 110#.
Your current IP will be announced.

5) Run the windows executable from windows machine. It will ask for SPA’s IP-address. It will then try to identify the SPA, and perform the upgrade.
Note: Don’t power off at this time.

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