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Gmail Settings for Joomla 3.1.1

I installed Joomla 3.1.1 on a VPS. When I tried to use mass email, no matter what kind of mailer setting I put, I did not receive any email from it.
At last I tried SMTP settings with Gmail account.
1) Choose Mailer: SMTP
2) From email:
3) From Name: Your Name
4) Sendmail Path: Just leave it as default
5) SMTP Authentication: Choose Yes
6) SMTP Security: SSL
7) SMTP Port: 465
8) SMTP Username:
9) SMTP Password: the password of the email above
10) SMTP Host:

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phpBB3 Email settings with Gmail or Google Apps

I did a post one year ago for PHPBB2 and Gmail. Now I have a PHPBB 3.0.4.
How to config phpBB 3 forum board to make its email setting working with Gmail or Google Apps?
The old way does not work. How can I do?
I find a way to use Gmail smtp facility to send out email.

1) Have the Gmail or Goolge Apps’s email account works.
2) Using the menu at the top right edge of the main Gmail window (the one that shows up after you log in), click on Settings, and then Forwarding and POP / IMAP. Under POP Download, click either Enable POP for all Mail, or Enable POP for Mail that Arrives Now (which ever suits your purpose). Configure anything else that appeals to you too. Exit from the Gmail Settings Window after saving your selections (this is important).

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