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Upgrade SPA-2002 Firmware

I have a SPA-2002 device for 8 months. I also use VOIPSTUNT as my Voip serivec provider.

The Firmware with device is 3.1.2(a). Nothing wrong.

I went to SIPURA website, and saw the new firmware there.

So, I upgrade it to new version.
Let me show you how to do the upgrade.

1) Download it from the download page. Here

2) Decompress it into a folder.

3) There are two files, spa2002-03-01-05.bin and spa2002-03-01-05.exe.

4) Get the IP address of your SAP-2002.
You can go to SPA’s voice menu by pressing **** on your analog phone and press 110#.
Your current IP will be announced.

5) Run the windows executable from windows machine. It will ask for SPA’s IP-address. It will then try to identify the SPA, and perform the upgrade.
Note: Don’t power off at this time.

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