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Upgrade selfoss to v2.6

Selfoss programe is very helpful to me. There is also some issues, such as duplicate items.

Anyway, I did the upgrade from 2.4 to v2.6 today.

The upgrade procedures are simple. See following upgrade guide. For me, I just did step 1, 2,3.

1. backup your database and your “data” folder
2. (IMPORTANT: don’t delete the “data” folder) delete all old files and folders excluding the folder “data”
3. upload all new files and folders excluding the data folder (IMPORTANT: also upload the invisible .htaccess files)
4. Rename your folder /data/icons into /data/favicons
5. Delete the files /public/all.css and /public/all.js
6. Clean your browser cache
7. insert your current database connection and your individual configuration in config.ini. Important: we change the config.ini and add new options in newer versions. You have to update the config.ini too.

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selfoss release 2.4 – replacement of Google Reader

Everyone knew Google Reader is going to retire on July 1, 2013. So I make a decision that I will not use other RSS reader service. I would like to have my personal Feed Aggregator site.

Selfoss is an OpenSource replacement of Google Reader. Look at the following features.

  • web based rss reader
  • universal aggregator
  • open source and free
  • easy extendable with an open plugin system (write your own data connectors)
  • mobile support (Android, iOS, iPad)
  • use selfoss to live stream and collect all your posts, tweets, feeds in one place
  • lightweight PHP application with less than 2 MB
  • supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sqlite Databases
  • OPML Import
  • easy installation: upload and run

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