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Dreamhost retired Backup service for Shared hosting users

Dreamhost retired Backup service now.

A month ago, we let you know that the DreamHost Personal Backup feature was retiring. That day has come, Personal Backup has been turned off permanently.

Please feel free to submit a support request through the DreamHost panel if you have any questions or concerns! Please include “personal backup” in the subject.

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Backupify -TweetBackup service retired

I am using Backupify to backup my tweets. Now it announced that this service is discontinued.

Your TweetBackup account will continue to back up for the next 30 days, until June 13th. Access to the service, and your data, will be disabled on June 28th. You will have the full 45 days to export any data. Please visit our Tweetbackup service shutdown FAQs answers to common questions, or you can also contact support directly with your questions.

Actually, when Twitter provide Twiter Archive service, it is not necessary to use the third-party backup service.

It is easy to do it.

  • Sign in
  • Click Settings
  • Under Account tab, scroll to the bottom, click the button beside the Your Twitter archive.
  • Then you will receive an email with the archive download link.

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