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VOIP codec choice

When use VOIP service with a VOIP adapter, you have to choose the codec. The codec is very important. Unsuitable codec will make your call intermittently. Codecs are settings used to fine-tune the audio compression of your VoIP devices. Different codec needs different bandwidth. The following protocol header assumptions are used for the calculations: 40

IP Ports and Protocols

The following IP Ports and Protocols are excerpted from Networking Fundamentals. Port number – Protocols name 20 – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data 21 – File Transfer Protocol (FTP) control 23 – Telnet 25 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) 53 – Domain Name Service (DNS) 80 – HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 110 – Post

Install NetBEUI on Windows XP

I found some error in the event log on one of my Windows XP computer. It said something like NetBEUI service is not start After doing some searchs I got the official way to install it to remove this error. I don’t know how it is happened. The installation is old, for more than one