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How to block SSH connection per IP address

I have any VPS which is hosted on

The openssh server running on it. When I checked the error log. I saw a lot of log in errors as below.

It is clear that the hacker want to connect this VPS through SSH as root. They tried different password, different port. All were blocked by PAM system.


To save the cost of these connection and PAM. I choose the way to block them per IP address.

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The results of PAM-abl

Web, as a wild place, is not a safe playground to me. I have a server, got so many attacking everyday. It is only two small sites running on it.

What can I do? I have to protect myself by my computer skills.

I install and enabled PAM_abl black list function for SSH security.
Now four days passed. Let us see how the result.


One IP tried 424 times to login.

The other tried more than one thousand times.

I have to say, it is a good tool to protect my SSH server and save a lot of resource.

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