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Day 8 and Day 9 – Two Week Campaign

There a more than one thousand post on my Blog. I am continuing review these posts and do whatever modification needed.
During Day 8 and Day 9, I reviewed about 500 posts. Added content, fixed typos, change the sequence of paragraph, etc.
It is a boring job. It took most of my time.
When I do it, I played the song on computer. Like this my favorite one.
Hey Jude

Some changes of blog

During past few days, I did some modification on my blog here to accomodate the social media changes.
First, I removed Digg button code from templates. Not just because of the traffic from Digg is very limited, but the Digg API was not working any more. Digg has a big change on their own side. I will wait and see the future of it.
Second, I replace the Facebook like button code from the MovableType plugins code to Facebook native code.
I put it just under the post title, before the content of post. It looks good.
Third, add Twitter button, just add it in the place which Digg used before.
I use the code from Twitter Developer site.

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Add Advanced BBcode Box 3 for phpBB 3

I have a forum powered by phpBB3.0.7 PL1. It works great. Even I added so many mods and some my customized changes on it, it still has room to improve.

Last week, it took me about two hours to add Advanced BBcode Box 3.
You can find it and download it here.

After installation, the edit box looks like following:


Let me describe the steps I took to add it.

1) Backup, backup, backup.
The most important things before doing any major changes is BACKUP.
Backup all files under phpbb by command tar.
Backup mysql database, though command mysqldump. It is about 1GB big.

2) Ftp the backup file to other place for safe.

3) Download Advanced BBcode Box 3 package from the link above.

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How to put a Gallery 3 image block into Other site

I have my Gallery 3 installation at
I want to put a image block into the home page of
After doing my search and search, I find the module randimg. I download the source file and make some changes to suitable my own needs.
1) Download the source file here.
2) Decompress the package.
3) Open the file: randimg -> helpers -> randimg.php

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