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Amazon AWS price reduction for EC2, S3, RDS, ElastiCache and Elastic MapReduce

It is a big news. Amazon announced, effective April 1, 2014, they are reducing prices for Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, he Amazon Relational Database Service, and Elastic MapReduce.


The EC2 Price is reducing from 10% to 38% per your instance type or OS.

The S3 price is reducing from 36% to 65%. The highest price,  0-1TB tier is $0.03/GB/Month.

The Amazon RDS price is reducing by an average of 28%.

The Amazon ElastiCache price is reducing by an average of 34%.


New Google Maps has poor performance

I tried new Google Maps on desktop. It has poor performance right now.

  1. Geo location is wrong. When I use old Google Maps, it shows me Burnaby, BC, Canada as my location. But when new Google Maps gave me Chillwack, which is not my address supposed to.
  2. Loading Speed: old Google Maps is fast and operated smoothly. New Google Maps is very slow and some times stucked, can not shown 100%.

Regarding the first problem, I think Google use IP address to locate the user. Actually, ip address database provided by ISP is not that updated. There is about hundred miles distance, or maybe the other city nearby.

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