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Keep fit on Lxadmin

I use VPS about one year. There is Lxadmin running on it. I found the files growing so fast. To remove some un-necessary files I did some research and got the answer. Two steps. 1) Disable installapp to remove the installation files. I do install all Open Source program by myself. I have never use

How to change configuration of Awstats in Lxadmin

Lxadmin treat Awstats in different way. The individual configuration file of particular domain or site is located /etc/awstats/ These files are rebuild ever time the batch file update the Awstats report. Lxadmin uses a template file here. /usr/local/lxlabs/lxadmin/file/awstats.model.conf If you want to change config of the Awstats file, you have to change the template file.