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Keep fit on Lxadmin

I use VPS about one year. There is Lxadmin running on it.
I found the files growing so fast. To remove some un-necessary files I did some research and got the answer.
Two steps.
1) Disable installapp to remove the installation files.
I do install all Open Source program by myself. I have never use installapp, so I decided to remove these.
Admin — general option — disable installapp
Then go to SSH, run following script, it takes a while.
This step can save about 1G.

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How to change configuration of Awstats in Lxadmin

Lxadmin treat Awstats in different way.
The individual configuration file of particular domain or site is located
These files are rebuild ever time the batch file update the Awstats report.
Lxadmin uses a template file here.
If you want to change config of the Awstats file, you have to change the template file.

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