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Performance improved by XCache 2.0.0

XCache is a open-source opcode cacher, which means that it accelerates the performance of PHP on servers. It optimizes performance by removing the compilation time of PHP scripts by caching the compiled state of PHP scripts into the shm (RAM) and uses the compiled version straight from the RAM. This will increase the rate of

The results of PAM-abl

Web, as a wild place, is not a safe playground to me. I have a server, got so many attacking everyday. It is only two small sites running on it. What can I do? I have to protect myself by my computer skills. I install and enabled PAM_abl black list function for SSH security. Now

Slow queries log for MySQL

To enable slow query log, it is have to add one line into my.cnf. I have MySQL installation on a Centos server. It is MySQL 5.0.22 i686. Let’s go through the details of setting of it. Open my.cnf which is located at /etc/ add following under mysqld section. log-slow-queries = /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log long_query_time = 5 log-queries-not-using-indexes

Awstats and hMailServer

I use hMailServer as my Email server and Awstats as my log analyse tool. Version: hMailServer 4.3 – Build 248 Advanced Web Statistics (Awstats) 6.5 (build 1.857) Step 1: In hMailServer Administrator. Settings > Logging, check the AWStats checkbox.