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Logitech MK345 Comfort Keyboard and Mouse Combo

I bought a keyboard and mouse combo from Costco. I thought it is a good deal.  $29.00 plus ECO Fee 0.5 , plus tax.  Some store price it at $66.77 plus shipping.

Logitech MK345 Comfort Keyboard and Mouse Combo / Logitech MK345 Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse.


  • Full-size Keyboard.
  • Mouse in good size. Not a compact one.
  • Batteries are pre-installed.
  • Keyboard battery life is 36months. 2 X AAA batteries. ( Based on the support website, it is said 48 months, or 4 years. But I think 36 months is more conservative.)
  • Mouse Battery life is 18 months. 1 X AA battery.

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Lenovo MK100 Mechanical Keyboard

It is my first Mechanical Keyboard. From Lenovo. It is for Chinese market only now.

Lenovo has two products. One is  MK100, the other one is MK300.

The one I got is MK100, 199 Chines Yuan. Converted to Canadian Dallor, $40.


Let me copy description and features of it.

USB Interface

87 Key

26 Key Rollover

No backlit.


My personal experience of it during past few days is good.

I use it on my Desktop, most time for typing, the primary OS is Windows 7.

Playing Mame Arcade Game on Raspberry Pi

My first project for Raspberry Pi is game emulator. Oh, no, it is the second. The first is to make a case for Raspberry Pi.

Let us look at the Raspberry Pi’s status when it working inside of the case.

The board is sitting inside of the box perfectly. The white lan cable connect from left. Usb keyboard and usb mouse connect from left. orange HDMI cable is from up. The mini-usb power cable from right.


I followed the instruction of Shea Silverman’s blog.
I tried the Namco Galaxians game when I first run it.

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The first time to make the Raspberry Pi work

I power on the Raspberry Pi this morning. See pictures below.
The first look of the screen in text mode. Raspberry Pi is located on the lower right corner.

After the loading, I can enter startx to load a window.


Because it is the first time, I want to record the steps clearly.
First of all, I need the five important parts for make the bare board work.
USB keyboard and mouse.
Logitech USB mouse, M-BJ69


Microsoft Wired Keyboard 400v1.0
Prepared SD card. At least class4, 4GB.
Kingston sd4/4GB, class 4

HDMI or composite television, OR a monitor with DVI or HDMI input, and an HDMI/composite cable.
HDMI cable to connect my 42 inches TV
Micro USB power supply – make sure you use a good quality one, capable of providing at least 1A at 5V.
I use HTC cellphone power adapter. It is 5V 1A.
Ethernet LAN cable.
Normal LAN cable.

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