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Remove Old Kernels on CentOS

I know how to remove old Kernels on Ubuntu. But, I don’t know how to do it on CentOS. After googling, I found answer.

Go through and see how many kernels here.

[root@juntixiao ~]# rpm -q kernel

Three kernels in machine.

Delete, remove old kernels.

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Remove Ubuntu Kernels you dont need any more

Every time I upgrade my Ubuntu desktop, a new kernels comes in. Then I have a new kernel and old one will never be used.
Time by time. I have 6 or more kernels in the booting list and I don’t want to see. How can I remove them.
I got the way to do this cleaning job.
1) Check my current kernel I use by command as below:

uname -r

The response tells the current version number


2) Open the Synaptic package manager from the System->Administration menu.

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